Cathedral Cove Naturals - Our Philosophy, Mission and Journey

Our Philosophy

Cathedral Cove Naturals has evolved from the Pilkington family’s organic macadamia orchard in Hahei, Coromandel, New Zealand. Founded by Hamish and his parents in 2005. We are now operating in Auckland, New Zealand in a new purpose-built manufacturing facility. With a team passionate about real food and healthy living, our products are a reflection of our philosophy to consume food in its most natural form.

We currently produce a range of nourishing and delicious breakfast cereals and coconut yoghurt. Our products cater to many dietary requirements such as paleo, vegan, dairy free and gluten free without compromising on flavour. We let our ingredients do the talking, simply real food that will love you back.

You will never find any additives, preservatives, natural or artificial flavours in our products.

All of the ingredients we use serve a purpose to nourish the body. They are all highly nutritious and of the highest quality. The Cathedral Cove Naturals range is designed to give you and your family vitality, fuelling you with minimally processed foods to nurture your health and well-being. Our belief is that the overconsumption of sugar has had a dramatic impact on the health crisis today, which is why our entire product range is very low in sugar and is free from refined sugars.

There are many super food ingredients found in nature that have served as inspiration for the flavours in our Super Cereal and Coconut Yoghurt ranges. Including chia seeds, goji berries, cacao products, berries and coconut products. Every product is made from whole food ingredients which are minimally processed keeping them as close to nature as possible.

Through drawing inspiration from nature, we have kept a focus on sustainability and we selected to package our Coconut Yoghurt range in recyclable glass with a desire to minimise plastics in our food chain, oceans and landfills. We are always searching for environmentally friendly packaging options and ways that we can lessen our carbon footprint, and partner with companies and organisations also making a difference.

We’re driving the real food revolution here in New Zealand and bringing you natural, honest foods for ultimate health and happy living.

Eat Well Be Well.


Our Mission

At Cathedral Cove Naturals, our mission is to provide real foods for a modern world, creating natural and honest food products in a convenient form for people to navigate their unique lifestyles and achieve ultimate health.

Hamish Pilkington

Managing director and owner of Cathedral Cove Naturals, Hamish Pilkington has spent the past 12 years researching, experimenting and developing a range of delicious and nutritious whole food products. Experimentation which came out of a desire to see a dramatic improvement in the health of himself, his family and all New Zealanders.

Hamish grew up in Auckland with One Tree Hill as his backyard. His parents always grew their own vegetables and they always provided his family with nourishing home cooked meals. However, during this time food production was becoming far more industrialised and as a consequence during his childhood and early adult life he battled asthma, respiratory, conditions and other health complications.

His health journey really begun in 2005 after his return to New Zealand from working overseas after university. He felt confused about the food chain and food industry after living in London where a fast lifestyle led to over consumption of highly processed food, takeaways and alcohol.

He realised the effect this had taken on his health and wanted to do something about it.

He moved to the Coromandel where his parents were living on their Macadamia Orchard in Hahei. He was so happy to be back in New Zealand surrounded by nature and a clean environment.  He started researching different ways of eating and began looking to a whole foods diet for increased energy levels.

He eliminated dairy and gluten and was astounded with the positive impact this had on his health.

During this time, he connected with nature spending a lot of a lot of time at Cathedral Cove and on the peaceful coastline forming new business ideas.

Soon after, Hamish started developing new products beginning by making muesli using the macadamias and honey from the orchard to cater to his newly found food philosophy. Everyone loved this muesli and he began making it for family and friends. He then decided to sell this product under their original brand Cathedral Cove Macadamia’s. This a product they still have in their range, their Lightly Toasted Organic Muesli.

Hamish’s wife Harriet shares his passion for fresh produce, health and well-being. Together they made the move back to rural Auckland to grow the Cathedral Cove Macadamias range, working with his brother selling to specialty food stores such as Farro Fresh.  

As they continued to learn and explore health and nutrition they came across the work of Dr. Mercola. This is when they were introduced to the research behind the health benefits associated with coconut products, in particular Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil became large part of their diet and we decided coconut oil was something we wanted to add to their product range as it was not readily available in the New Zealand market at this time.

This decision led to a company re brand from Cathedral Cove Macadamias to Cathedral Cove Naturals so that they could further grow their rage of nutrient dense, whole food products.

Having a young family led them to a new focus on the best foods for growing babies and children. They progressed into activation, fermented foods, the Paleo Diet, and principles of Weston A. Price.

This led them to the development of their Raw Activated Super Cereal and Vanilla Goji Raw Paleo Super Cereal both nutrient dense blends that they were making at home for their family before going into production.

Coconut Yoghurt was also born in their family kitchen to serve with their cereals at home. They then decided to serve their home-made coconut yoghurt with their cereals at markets and events. The feedback they received was astonishing and they decided to develop production.

In June 2015, they launched their Natural Coconut Yoghurt into Farro Fresh stores and other independent retailers.

This is now the best-selling coconut yoghurt in New Zealand.

Hamish is now very proud of the Cathedral Cove Naturals range of Breakfast Cereals and Coconut Yoghurt. All of which have been developed in his family kitchen using his family’s food philosophy of real, whole foods without compromise. Hamish believes that your health is a journey not a destination, the hard work behind Cathedral Cove Naturals continues and there are exciting projects behind the scenes that we look forward to sharing with you.


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dr maurice
dr maurice

March 11, 2018

Sensational yoghurt. I strongly recommend that you read Dr Steven Gundry’s book “the plant paradox” He is a distinguished cardiologist. It may not be big on breakfast cereals but it looks like there is a gap in the market for a sorghum based product.

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