Christmas Cherry, Chocolate and Coconut Semifreddo


1 cup of Raw Cashews
500g Jar of our Natural Coconut Yoghurt 
1/2 cup Coconut Milk
1/3 cup Coconut Oil
3-4 tbs Pure Maple Syrup 
1 tsp Vanilla Bean Powder
1 cup Cherries
1 cup Strawberries
1 cup Blueberries
1 cup of Vegan Dark Chocolate


Soak the cashews overnight/for a few hours in filtered water. Once the cashews have soaked drain them and place in a high speed blender with the coconut yoghurt, coconut milk, coconut oil, maple syrup and vanilla. 

Blend until smooth and pour into a lined loaf shaped baking tray. 

Chop the berries and dark chocolate and add them to the mixture.

Transfer to the freezer and allow to set overnight or 4-5 hours. 

Take the semifreddo out of the freezer for 30 minutes before serving to allow to soften. Garnish with some extra berries and dark chocolate. 


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