Frequently Asked Questions


Is your Coconut Yoghurt dairy free? 

Yes, our coconut yoghurt is dairy free. It is simply made from organic coconut cream and probiotic cultures. 


Where do you source your coconut cream from?

Our Coconut Cream comes from Indonesia. Our Coconut Cream supplier does not use any sprays or fertilisers, so the cream is organic. It is Verified Non-GMO, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Halal and Kosher. Furthermore, the coconuts are picked using sustainable farming practices with a focus on giving back to the community 


Do you use any natural or artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in your products? 

No, you will never find any of the above ingredients in our products. We believe in only using ingredients that will serve our customers health without detrimental effects


Why is coconut yoghurt healthy? 

Fermented foods load your gut with good bacteria, helping all the systems in your body function optimally. 

Coconut products contain healthy saturated fats consisting of medium chain fatty acids which our bodies utilise as energy instead of storing as fat.

Coconuts are full of lauric acid which plays a crucial role in assisting our bodies immune system

Our flavoured Coconut Yoghurts are 100% natural, free from refined sugars contain less than 4% total sugar. This is the lowest level you will find in any New Zealand made fruit yoghurts. The flavours are made from scratch using only delicious whole food ingredients. We do not use any additives, artificial or natural flavourings


Why does the consistency vary from batch to batch of your Coconut Yoghurt? 

Because we do not use any gums, starch or stabilisers in our coconut yoghurt you will find that some batches are runnier and others slightly thicker but always delicious


Why do you package your Coconut Yoghurt in glass?

Through drawing inspiration from nature, we have kept a focus on sustainability and we selected to package our Coconut Yoghurt range in recyclable glass with a desire to minimise plastics in our food chain, oceans and landfills. We are always searching for environmentally friendly packaging options and ways that we can lessen our carbon footprint, and partner with companies and organisations also making a difference. Our jars make the perfect storage containers for your pantry staples. Another reason we chose to package in glass is because coconut cream has a high fat content and products high in fat leech the toxins from plastic very easily. 


Why are your Super Cereals Raw?

We keep our Super Cereals Raw to ensure we are not harming the vital vitamins and minerals from the ingredients providing the maximum amount or nutrients.


What is activation?

Activation is a process by which you soak and then dehydrate nuts and seeds to remove phytates and phytic acid for optimal digestion. 


Where can you purchase our products? 

Our products can be purchased in most Countdown and New World Supermarkets nationwide as well as many Pack N Save Supermarkets and all good independent retailers and health food stores. If you are unsure of your closest stockist send us an email